After the Tree of Life shooting and with rising anti-semitism, Jewish teens now more than in recent generations need to be aware of the growing problem and get involved in solutions. Gen Z Jews: Fighting Anti-Semitism was created to provide a forum for Gen Z to get involved and be educated on the issues and leadership. This organization is different because it is founded and organized by a teen with the goal of stopping anti-semitism before it grows to a more tragic level. Most of Gen Z will be able to vote by the 2024 Presidential election. It is time to get involved.





Zachary Singerman attends high school at Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Maryland. After the Tree of Life shooting, where his Grandma attends and thankfully was not there that day but lost a friend, Zack decided to get involved.  Realizing that he needed to be educated and learn leadership skills, he decided that Gen Z Jews: Fighting Anti-Semitism was probably something that other teens also needed. He finds that leaders are gracious with their time and want to help teens get involved.





Brett is a recent graduate from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, where he studied political science and international relations. He has written op eds on issues about Israel and anti-Semitism at his college and still writes about these issues since graduation. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Brett attended The Robert M Beren Academy for 12 years. From September 2015 to June 2016, Brett lived in Israel through Young Judaea's gap year program, Year Course.